WIRED Mobility 2015


Germany is known as a pioneer in mobility – thus, one of the focus topics of this conference will be the digital transformation of the respective automotive industry.

The most-valuable tech companies like Apple and Google are aggressively entering the automotive space. UBER is valued at over $50BN with expected profits in the Billions of Dollars in 2016. The company is only around since six years!

With these trends in mind, WIRED Mobility addresses latest developments of the vehicle itself. The conference explores topics from autonomous driving, to smart control, smart onboard diagnostics, smart navigation and the connected car, which communicates intelligently with other vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure.

An integral part of the agenda will focus on mobility platforms and concepts of the sharing economy from Drivy, BlaBlaCar, MyTaxi, Lyft, MyDriver to Uber. This discourse leads to the key argument on essential features for companies to fulfill, in order to be a winner of the current digital transformation.

WIRED Mobility goes beyond just automotive topics. Due to the variety of available and highly convenient methods of mobility, we will also take a closer look infrastructure issues in general. Airports and train stations are discussed as mobility platforms, just like developments in the field of smart city. The conference further addresses digital trends in the aviation and railway industries, as well as completely alternative mobility concepts such as the Hyperloop.


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